7. Safety & Public Liability

7.1 ITC competitions or events are not responsible or liable for any kind of injury, damage, or loss sustained by competitors, spectators, or their property while attending any area of the venue premises.

7.2 By participating in any ITC competitions or events, competitors and their parental/guardians affirm that they are in good health and physical condition.

7.3 Competitors acknowledge the inherent risks in any physical activity, and their participation in this competition indicates acceptance of these risks. Therefore, upon registering for any ITC competitions or events, participants agree not to hold ITC competitions or events, its directors, or employees responsible for injuries or illnesses that may occur during the competition event.

7.4 Studio Owners/Directors commit to adhering to the Release of Liability Clause completed during the registration process.

7.5 As ITC competitions or events are held at a public venue, all attendees are encouraged to supervise children at all times, be responsible for personal belongings, remain aware of their surroundings, and promptly inform an ITC competitions or events employee of any unsuitable or suspicious activity.

13. Auditorium Admission

13.1 Registration fees cover the cost of admission for all family and friends at all ITC competitions or events unless stated otherwise, such as a ticketed event for a fundraiser or show.

13.2 Doors will open approximately 15 minutes prior to the first performance, and the general public is welcome to view the competition.

13.3 If the stage is littered during a performance, it is the competitor's responsibility to clean it up immediately following the performance.

13.4 Performers may not enter or exit the stage from anywhere other than the wings. Jumping off the front of the stage is not permitted, and starting the performance from the audience or ending in the audience is also not allowed.

13.5 Approaching the panel of judges is strictly not allowed.

13.6 No gifts can be presented to the judges in conjunction with a performance.

13.7 Special stage or house lighting will not be provided for any performance. 1

3.8 At no time are teachers, parents, or competitors allowed to practice, rehearse, or meet on stage.

13.9 Dressing rooms are limited at each venue. A cleaning fee of $300 minimum will be assessed to any studio that leaves the dressing area in an untidy condition.

13.10 No food, drinks, or smoking are allowed in the competition area or inside the auditorium.

13.11 Failure to comply with any or all of the points outlined in section 13 can result in immediate disqualification and the loss of privileges to participate in future ITC competitions or events.

13.12 ITC competitions or events staff have the right to deny entry to the auditorium to any person or persons who do not comply with any of the housekeeping rules.

16. Prohibited/Unacceptable Props

16.1 Fire (including candles, matches, lighters), fireworks (including sparklers), explosives, swords, knives, weapons and use of animals are strictly prohibited.
16.2 Toy weapons are acceptable. However, toys may not fire projectile objects or have blunt points or sharp edges.
16.3 Hoverboards and motor vehicles are not allowed. 16.4 All props should be non-toxic substances. No form of liquid, gel, powder, glass objects, aerosol cans of any type (including hairspray or spray paint) or similar substances may be used that will physically alter the backdrop, wings or surface of the floor.
16.5 Prohibited items include: water (on body, costume, or prop), wet paint (on body, costume, or prop), fake blood, fake snow, silly string, haze or fog machines, strobe lights, bubbles, bubble machines, confetti, streamer or confetti cannons, loose feathers, candy, chalk, crushed cork, flour, corn starch, loose glitter (on body, costume or prop), sand, sawdust, dry ice or any other similar substances. Any act that uses a substance that is not permitted and creates a safety hazard for performers or on the floor may be penalised and/or disqualified.
16.6 Hanging backdrops and special lighting may not be used.
16.7 Helium balloons are only allowed if they are weighted and if permitted by the contracted venue.
16.8 Rosin must be self-contained and cannot be applied directly on the floor. If your performance requests the use of rosin, please let the stage director of the competition upon arriving to allocate a safe space.